Penguin Re-Write Rumoured To Be In The Works – Release Imminent According to Google’s Gary Illyes

As Panda 4.1 continues to roll out this week, another algorithm update has reached the ears of webmasters and users alike. During Search Marketing Expo East, Google’s Gary Illyes revealed that a new Penguin Algorithm could be released at some point THIS WEEK.


The Webmaster Trends Analyst and Search Quality Engineer gave little away, although it’s believed that this particular algorithm update could benefit both webmasters and users in some way.

Penguin was the result of an entire year of work by Google and the update, which is now expected imminently, has been dubbed as a “large re-write”.

What Do We Know So Far?

What we know is that every new algorithm update requires a test phase, so if this doesn’t go to plan we may not see it for some time yet.

It doesn’t take much for Google to pull the plug on an algorithm update, although there’s no reason why, if everything runs smoothly, we could see it being released in the coming days.

What’s It Looking To Achieve?

So who’s likely to benefit the most from this Penguin re-write? According to SearchEngineLand, webmasters are likely to benefit “a bit” from the update, while for everyone else it could turn out to be a “delight”.

Google were keen on helping webmasters and users alike which is why so much work has gone into this projected update, although the previous quotes might not have webmasters on the edge of their seats for the time being.

Illyes added that any links that have been disavowed in recent weeks might be too late for the latest Penguin refresh, although any future refreshes are likely to be much more prevalent as the new algorithm is released.

Will It Happen?

At the moment it’s entirely up in the air but there’s a good chance that what Gary Illyes revealed about Penguin is genuine and we could have a new update before the end of the week.

It’s something you’re likely to hear about a lot more here on the Artemis blog should it go through.

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