Pinterest images appearing in Bing image search

OK, so it’s no Google – not even close – but some interesting news from the world of Bing tells us that Pinterest boards are beginning to show up in their image search results.

Pinterest is a social networking site where users ‘pin’ images to their virtual ‘boards’, grouped by themes chosen by the user. Other users can then re-pin these images to their own boards, much like sharing on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter.

Pinterest logo

This is particularly interesting for Artemis as we have very recently started setting up Pinterest boards for a few of our clients. These are looking great already, and it can only be good news for these clients if search engines are starting to take an interest in Pinterest.

Once someone using Bing image search has found a Pinterest board, clicking on that board opens up the full series of images pinned by the user, meaning you can quickly expose a searcher to a set of attractive images relating to your client.

Pinterest won’t work for every client, so you need to choose carefully. However, it would appear that these Bing image searches are bringing up relevant boards from users with just a few followers all the way to those with thousands, so even if your Pinterest account doesn’t have lots of followers yet, you can still show up for the relevant search terms.

Do we think Google will be doing something similar soon?