Playing Football Against Search Engines

I’m not much of a sportsperson but I really would not like to be playing football against any of the search engines, it seems to be that goalposts can be moved as and when it’s convenient to them. I’m not ranting about them as we all well know how important search engines are to our websites, they are after all our blood supply and keep us nice and busy with new clients. There are numerous things that anyone attempting a spot of DIY SEO needs to watch out for; one of the most important ones is over-optimisation. Yes, you are reading correctly, sometimes, too good can become a negative and an over optimised website will have the exact reverse effect to the one desired and you will be penalised. It is always best to keep a healthy ratio of keywords to content, too much artificial repetition will make your site look “spammy” and of course go against what the big guys at the search engines want; a pleasant end user experience.

DIY SEO is all OK but there is a point in which you will need to pass it on to a professional company, at one point it will become a false economy, a good, professional SEO company will be able to work on your site (let’s not forget off-site SEO too) and catapult you into top rankings, the time it takes of course will vary on a number of factors but it will certainly be quicker than as DIY SEO and you will recover the outlay much quicker than by doing it yourself.

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