Quality Content

When Google write a detailed post about a subject like website content it is always worth paying close attention to what they are trying to tell us.

One of their latest posts is all about quality website content and multiple websites. It is actually quite amusing as they seem to be telling us to avoid building websites like holiday planning, price comparisons or foreign exchange currency trading as there are already a number of these websites out there and in their words “it doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel and compete with existing broad topic sites”

To some extent they do have a point. As Spain’s leading SEO services company, here at Artemis we have many new business meetings with clients who sit in front of us and tell us that they have a great idea for a website and want to be at the top of the search engines as soon as possible for terms like ‘airport car hire’, or ‘holiday accommodation’.

Once we have advised them that they will be competing with websites that have been conducting SEO for many years, have old domains and have invested a vast amount of money in their online marketing they tend to re-think their ideas. This is not to say that top positions cannot be achieved by any means, but it is going to require a large investment and a lot of time and effort. However the financial rewards are enormous once you gain top rankings for these types of keywords.

The Google article goes on to talk about the different tactics that some website owners use to gain multiple positions in the search engines with very similar content across a number of different websites. Reading between the lines, it looks as if Google will be focusing their attentions on these types of websites and even removing some of them from the index if they are deemed as too similar in content to other sites. They even go as far as suggesting that they could view these as ‘doorway’ pages.

Much of the Google article is spot on in terms what they tell us in terms of writing content for websites. Try and write totally unique and compelling content and try to focus on a certain subject matter rather than being to broad.

As part of our SEO services we have website content writers that can write specific content that is ideal for the search engines and compelling for the website visitor. We see this as a critical element to good SEO and of course to the visitors looking for information about the subject of the site.

We have been helping clients achieve top search engine rankings for many years now and have seen many tactics used by other so called SEO companies that Google tell us not to use, and of course eventually the websites get penalised and dropped in rankings or even de-indexed.

We see SEO as a long term strategy so that once you gain the top positions you keep them. When you consider SEO you just need to keep in mind some very basic rules;

1) Well written unique content

2) Natural link development

3) Good internal linking structure

4) Utilise the tools available to you like Webmaster Tools and submit XML site maps etc

5) Don’t try and take short cuts to gain top rankings

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