SEO Costings

The million Dollar question! How much does SEO cost? I have written previously about how much lack of or badly done SEO will cost your business, over the coming days, I will try to dispel some myths surrounding SEO done on the cheap as well as to why it is a much harder question to answer than what people would first imagine. The best way to try to answer this is by using a couple of analogies such as:

How much does a meal out cost? – The answer is, as little or as much as you feel comfortable with, going out for a slice of pizza and a can of fizzy pop will not cost the same as a sit down meal in a pub or anywhere near as much as a Michelin rated restaurant.  Even within those categories, it depends on what you have to eat, yes, we can set off with a budget in mind and with a target which we would like to achieve, however, it is essential to be aware of the on-going process and how many people are involved throughout the entire process.

SEO involves a team of people, it is not just one boffin sitting in a dark smoke-filled room carrying out various alterations to your site and voilà, as if by magic, 24 hours later your site is number one on all search engines and obliterated all your competitors in ranking. SEO takes time and is an on-going process, just like times change, search engines change and if your site fails to keep up with the changes, it will gradually slide down the rankings page.

There are no fixed rates to which you can work to, it would be a lot easier if there were, however, yes, you can give your SEO company a budget to which they can work to, however, beware that this will take you only part of the way, at the same time, please don’t get me wrong, SEO is not about writing a blank check and leaving the company to fill in the blank spaces; there is a happy medium of course, in a nutshell, within SEO there is no fixed price set in stone with guaranteed results, results will vary on the amount you spend whilst at the same time, if your budget is limited, remember that some SEO is far better than no SEO at all.