Has the Panda upset your Website?

Have you been hit by the famous Panda? More to the point, has your site been affected by Google’s Panda database refresh in the past couple of weeks? By now, it should be pretty evident if you have or haven’t, according to Google themselves, there are a couple of things you can do if you have the time to start dabbling into some DIY SEO. One of them is to have a look at your site and ask yourself a number of questions, these are just some of the questions they suggest:

1)      As a new visitor to your site, would you trust the information provided?

2)      Does the article come across as having been written by someone who is an expert in their field?

3)      Does the information have spelling mistakes or incorrect information?

4)      Is the content mass produced and found on numerous other websites or is it unique, informative and of good quality?

5)      Has the article or information on the site been properly edited or just put together and thrown in quickly without attention to detail.

6)      Is this the sort of page you would bookmark, recommend to or even send to a friend?

7)      Would you expect this article to be printed in a magazine for its usefulness and insightful information?

These are just some of the questions Google has suggested you ask yourself as a site owner or as a Webmaster if you have been affected by the Panda update or database refresh, if you haven’t, then nonetheless, it is always good to evaluate your site anyway!

If you would prefer to have a professional SEO company do the hard work for you and analyse your site as to why you may have been affected, contact us, we’ll be delighted to have a chat with you and to demonstrate how your company will benefit from our years of experience in SEO, we are SEO specialists in Surrey, West Sussex and surrounding areas.