The Best April Fools’ Day Web Features of 2014

There were some memorable April Fool’s jokes circulating the web yesterday, some of which just couldn’t go without a mention. Whether you were convinced to apply for Google’s Pokémon exploration team or found yourself pulling weird facial expressions when exploring Reddit, here are some of the April Fool’s features you might have missed from yesterday.

Manchester United’s away kit for next season seems to be looking a lot like another Manchester clubs home strip, or at least that’s what many of us were led to believe as a result of some footage that ended up doing the rounds on Twitter. A source claiming to be from Old Trafford told MirrorFootball that they felt fans would “warm to the new kit”.

Is it a revolutionary way to browse Reddit? Or just something that makes you look ridiculous to everyone else in the room? That’s what “Headdit” was all about. It came down to using your head and facial expressions to make your way around the site.

Ever wanted to just leave the office environment or set your construction tools down and become a Pokémon master instead? There were plenty of thrilled enthusiasts on Tuesday morning who believed Google were searching for a new recruit that had to be able prove themselves as a Pokémon fanatic and subsequently catch ‘em all. That’s right, Google Maps was temporarily infested with hordes of Pokémon for you to catch and collect, as you’ll see in the video above.

And finally, what turned out to be a favourite in the Artemis office, introduced a new DNA-identification method of finding distant relations. “Simply place your tongue on the screen below, hold and submit”. Which begs the question, did anyone actually do that!?

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