The importance of Articles and Content

One of the key points which I mentioned in one of my previous posts regarding SEO is about content. There are a number of different options when talking about content such as website content, article writing and Blogging. I must admit that my personal style of writing is blogging as it is the most informal way of adding value to your site yet having a profound effect on search engine visibility. Website content is slightly different, as in it points out the benefits or the advantages your product or service has over your competitors, it’s much more targeted, descriptive and always completely factual. Article writing is the third; this is of course factual and refers a lot of the time to your industry or product in a somewhat similar way as with content but instead of going on your site, it is published in various forums.

Let’s talk a bit of technical stuff but not too heavy as it is Thursday after all and it has been a long week! Search engines crawl the internet, billions and billions of pages in search of new information as well as links, the more links they find pointing at a website, the more important the search engine believes that website is. After all, if all these pages want to link to a site (ideally your site) then they must be of interest! This is a very oversimplified version of events but in a nutshell, it is how search engines work and one of the many things they look for.

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