The importance of competent SEO over quick, cheap fixes

Would you let a bricklayer remove a tumour?


So why would you trust your SEO and online marketing with anyone promising cheap, quick fixes?

As with so many professions, the man on the street simply can’t get his head around all the aspects of a successful search marketing strategy, just as he can’t perform open heart surgery or fly a 747. We entrust skilled professionals with looking after our children, curing our ills and keeping planes from hitting each other in the sky and the same should be true of your business interests. When you want to rank higher for certain key terms, boost your online visibility and engage with your customers over the web you need to employ the skills of an experienced SEO professional. You wouldn’t trust your own wellbeing with an amateur so why would you risk your business with anyone less than professional?

The trouble is that there are still so many businesses out there who want to take shortcuts, and it’s only once it’s too late that they realise the mistake. People will promise you the earth to get your money. This isn’t specific to the world of SEO and has been the case for generations sadly, but it’s as true today as it ever was. You know you need a backlink profile to help your Google ranking so when somebody tells you they can build you 500 links for £50 the idea is quite appealing. But of course these links just won’t be good enough. It simply isn’t possible to accomplish that amount of quality links on the cheap or in a short space of time. The links might get built but these can end up doing you more harm than good in the long run. I’ve talked before about how Google is constantly evolving, which is why SEOs must keep ahead of the game, and it’s for this reason that bulk buying cheap, spammy links will get flagged up by Google and you will be penalised.

The bare truth of it is that marketing your business online takes time and time is money. Looking to cut corners here can really come back to haunt you. I liken it to getting a dodgy MOT on your car in order to save a few quid; at first you might think you’ve gotten away with it but once your car is broken down on the hard shoulder and you’ve had to call the AA out, suddenly that cost saving has been wiped out. Then the police discover that your quick fix MOT isn’t legal, your insurance becomes invalidated and you’re hit with a massive fine, points on your licence and a criminal record. Was it worth it?

Now of course this may sound an extreme comparison to make, but ask yourself this: if your website disappeared from Google and your traffic suddenly dropped off completely, could you find another shop window anywhere near as big in which to advertise your products or services? The answer is no, there’s a reason Google is number one and there’s a reason even the most recognisable brands on earth invest millions into online strategy. You might think you can survive on your reputation alone but why deny yourself the biggest captive audience in human history?

Don’t cheap out on SEO, either take the time to understand it properly or employ the services of knowledgeable experts. Because when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.