The SEO Elephant

What’s the best way to eat an elephant? The answer is pretty simple, little by little of course. OK, before you report me to the RSPCA for inciting any form of animal cruelty, I am an animal lover and I would never condone any form of ill-treatment towards any animal. This is a very simple analogy in which SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) may be compared to such an enormous task as on my opening line. This three letter acronym has been the subject of countless numbers of books, seminars, webinars and many other types “inars” you can think of, the bottom line is that the only way forward in understanding SEO is bit by bit, little by little.

My name is Mike de Coster and I am the Senior Articles and Contents writer for Artemis Internet Marketing , I will be writing about the various aspects of SEO in an understandable and easy to digest way starting from what SEO is exactly to the million dollar question, how much does SEO actually cost. Just to whet your appetite and more to the point, on the subject of how much does SEO cost, a lot of it will revolve around how much none or poor SEO may be costing you. I will be posting on our blog on a regular basis so make sure you come back and visit us for my latest posts.

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I look forward to comments and feedback.