Ways to use your brand’s social media

You may have social media accounts for your company, but are you really using them in the right ways? There are actually lots of ways you can use your social media accounts, and there are lots of approaches you can take to social media marketing. Whether it’s damage limitation you need to halt negative publicity, a way to shout about your new product or just to increase interaction with your brand, how are you using your social media and what else could you be doing?


One of the key aims of maintaining your social media channels should be to get the word out about your company, and part of this means keeping everyone posted about new products, services and any announcements you may have. If you have a new product, be sure to provide images on your social media sites, and you could even use Vine to give followers a more exclusive look. Be ready with information to answer questions, and invite people to share the information. If you have news, any particularly glowing reviews or any exciting company events happening, these are also perfect for your social media feeds,

Engaging in conversation

Social media conversation

Not all of your social media activity necessarily needs to benefit you directly. However, any communication with your fans and followers will be good for you in some way, even if it’s only making them feel more positively towards your brand or sharing your material. Sometimes it’s OK to share a funny image or let people know what’s on the office playlist, or even to share a terrible joke made by a colleague. Twitter is especially good for this as it is so informal. Best to keep this type of post off LinkedIn, though.

Reputation management

It happens to the best of us from time to time. Maybe an employee said something a little untoward to a customer, or your brand new product has received some bad press, or something has happened which has made people take against you. This shouldn’t be ignored on your social media channels. You can use them to explain and apologise and offer support and advice to any affected customers. For example, on Twitter, reply to each @ your company receives in a sensitive way and offer to make amends in an appropriate manner. This is far better than continuing as though nothing has happened.

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