Why don't SEO companies tell clients what they do?

I find it amazing that 99% of the enquiries we receive are from companies who are fed up with the lack of reporting and transparency from their existing SEO provider.

Smoke and Mirrors

Coming from a Financial Services background for over 15 years it’s second nature to me to log all the work you do for a client.

It’s a belief that we’ve integrated fully at Artemis as we run time sheets where we log all the actual work we do for clients, the pages we optimise, the articles we write and the guest blog posts or AB testing we carry out.

We went undercover last month and checked out what our competition do and we were really surprised when we asked would they actually log the work they do or report on the hours they’ve done and we got comments like” We’re not accountants” or “Why we do that? our clients wouldn’t understand it” or “it’s our intellectual property”, “its not our practice to disclose our methodology”

I think any service you contract whether its an accountant, solicitor or marketing company you should expect to receive a detailed report of the actual work they’ve done for you, not in the case of our competitors just screenshoits from Google Analytics which you can access yourself at any time.

We’ve pushed a few SEO companies this year to provide us with detailed reports of the work they’ve carried out for clients who aren’t happy and have come to us and without exception none of them have provided any.

It’s really sad I think because it gives our industry a bad name and a reputation of “smoke and mirrors” when in fact it should be the most transparent industry in the world as every metric is trackable and reportable.

We’re proud to report to clienst the way we do and to have been nominated for an award for innovation within the online marketing industry, which is strange really when all we do different is actually tell clients what we’ve done for the money they’ve paid us!

If you’re frustrated at the lack of transparency you receive at the moment why not come and talk to us and see how we work and why our clients love our reporting methods.