Why you should invest in high quality content for your site

Great content can be a huge advantage for your site, impressing visitors, increasing conversions, and boosting sales.

Producing the kind of high-quality content needed to make an impact requires investing in experienced writers who understand marketing and how to promote your business.

Of course, whenever you make a business investment in anything, you need to feel confident that you will see a return on your investment. The same goes for content for your site.

Thankfully, content actually has a direct effect on the success of your website in a number of ways. Perhaps the most immediately visible outcome is the effect on your search rankings.

It will increase your rankings

Google and other search engines consider high-quality content to be an important ranking factor in their algorithms. They want to see that sites are providing useful and valuable information to visitors to ensure they are providing searchers with what they are looking for.

Consistently producing extremely high-quality content that is SEO-friendly as well as user-friendly will encourage Google to place you higher for key search terms.

It will help you make sales

On the subject of return on investment, great content can also help you to make more conversions and sales of your products and services. The ultimate of everything you do on your website should always be to increase your ability to generate revenue – content can help with this.

Great content should be optimised with calls-to-action (CTAs) and persuasive language that convinces a visitor that now is the right time to make a purchase.

It can be difficult to show a correlation between content quality and sales, but it speaks volumes that many marketing professionals consider content and content marketing to be an extremely effective tool in encouraging sales.

It benefits at different stages of the customer journey

Yes, content can contribute to sales and conversions – but not all of the positives are quite this direct. While content that has a focus on conversion rate optimisation (CRO) can promote sales, a much larger amount is directed at different times in the customer journey.

Not every visitor to the site is ready to make a purchase. Some are still gathering information, some are visiting various sites to consider the options available, others are scouting for the best prices; great content can be beneficial at all stages of the customer journey.

A good portion of the content that you create should not be aimed at sales at all – simply at providing the things that customers are interested in before they make a purchase. Impress them with your content, and they are much more likely to come back when they are ready to buy.

It showcases the expertise and builds trust

High-quality content showcases your business as an expert in your industry. If visitors come to you as a resource when they need to find something out, it showcases your knowledge.

This relates to the fact that customers can come across your site at different times in their journey. Customers who are still at the stage where they want to learn more about the kind of products and services you offer, see a website that provides that information in a more positive light.

Showing that you have this kind of expertise also helps to build trust with customers, as they see you as more than just a company selling something, but an expert in the field.

It will help you stand out from your competitors

It is important to differentiate your site from your competitors, and quality content is one of the best ways to do this.

When potential customers are interested in making a purchase or completing a conversion, it is unlikely that they will only look at one site before buying. They will shop around and find something that appeals to them most.

Sites with great, helpful content are more memorable and definitively preferred to those that lack it.

It is a great way to retain customers

In a similar vein, retaining customers is easier when they feel an affinity with your site and feel that they want to come back to it. Much of this is down to your content.

Customer retention and repeat business are a vital part of a good marketing strategy for the majority of businesses – so anything you can do to maximise this situation is better. If customers need aftercare or additional help, being able to come to you for assistance is a huge benefit to your brand.

It helps with other marketing strategies

Having great content on your website goes a long way to making your other marketing activities easier. We’ve already talked about the benefits of content for its direct effect on rankings – but it also helps SEO in general in a variety of ways.

Filling up your site with great content makes it more likely that users will see it as a useful resource, and that will encourage external sites to link to it naturally. Clearly, genuinely informative content is also helpful when managing a link-building campaign.

And with almost any kind of digital marketing you can name – email marketing, social media marketing, PPC – it is beneficial to be able to push customers to a site that is actually what the user wants to see.

Artemis has a team of highly experienced content writers who can create everything from captivating product copy to in-depth guides and ‘how to’ articles. If you are interested in using great content to your advantage, get in contact with the team at Artemis today.