Will Bing ever overhaul Google?

Google may not be feeling any significant pressure from Bing regarding search results and the competition certainly isn’t in the balance, so is there any chance that Bing could become the number one search engine? We take a look at Bing’s potential and analyse Google’s rise to the top of the pile.


Firstly, it’s important to note that Google was not always the number one search engine, proving that rapid change is possible. It’s Google’s development over time that has seen them rake in 80-90% of search results. For example, Google now provide information directly upon searching which makes life a whole lot easier for the average user. Furthermore, Google focuses on deep learning which allows us to ignore the use of keyword phrases etc.

Technology is developing on a regular basis and Bing is looking to take full advantage. YouTube traffic from mobile devices has increased by 34% over the last two years which points to the fact that mobile usage is rising. Subsequently, ‘Bing Smart Search’ was designed to specifically attract users of tablet, smart phone and surface technology. In addition, Microsoft have integrated Bing into their latest operating system making Bing the most efficient search engine tool for anyone with a computer operating Windows 8.

We also can’t forget that Microsoft, with Skype and Xbox included, entertain over 1 billion users worldwide. This particular statistic is likely to play a huge part in shifting the balance of power over to Bing. As well taking full advantage of social media, Bing holds partnerships with every major social site meaning they receive information directly from those sources. Bing is therefore able to comprehend what users are looking for by clarifying data from these social sites.

So what factors will determine who comes out on top? It all comes down to mobile usage and adaptability. With the rate of mobile usage increasing, both Google and Bing will be determined to offer the most user-friendly, enjoyable and stress free experience when it comes to searching. Without doubt, competition is wanted to help online searching progress and that’s something that will only ever benefit the consumer.