World Cup Round Up – How Did Google Embrace the Event?

The World Cup came to a close earlier on this month and despite the dreams of an entire nation tumbling spectacularly to the ground, it’s safe to say this particular sporting event was one of the most talked about since records began.


The idyllic football-crazed setting fused with a plethora of booming technological outlets brought about some of the most searched, posted and tweeted events of the year. Google was no stranger to the sporting celebrations either, with a variety of Google Doodles released to mark the occasion. In addition, Google had to cope with a record 2.1 billion World Cup-related searches over the past few months. To mark the closing of such a memorable occasion, here were some of the most iconic events that brought about the most online activity, some of which aren’t likely to surprise you.

The North-American Dream

The USA arrived at the tournament looking to build on a squad full of young talent and it’s fair to say they surpassed their expectations. The popularity of soccer in the US has grown considerably over the last couple of months, meaning the online contribution from fans across the States started to hit incredible heights. Tim Howard’s wonderful display in goal against Belgium brought about the most online activity in North America. Howard turned out to be the most searched Goalkeeper of the tournament despite losing out to Germany’s Manuel Neuer in the race for the Golden Glove.

The Suarez Bite

Suarez’s infamous biting incident was once of the most talked about events on the planet in June/July. Millions of people reacted to the Uruguayans startling display of petulance on Twitter, with all kinds of searches subsequently appearing on Google, most of which were related to jaws, cannibalism and Hannibal Lector. Giorgio Chiellini certainly wasn’t impressed when he realised Suarez had sunk his teeth into his shoulder and one of the most searched for images in that week was the Italian showing the referee the damage Suarez had caused.

The Final

The World Cup Final was the most talked about event on social media ever, despite there being little in the way of goalmouth action up until the final ten minutes of extra time. It’s an incredible statistic considering many sporting neutrals and the less enthused crowd in general seeking a bit of magic from the stars on show, such as Muller, Higuain, Klose and of course, Messi. Despite this, over 672 million tweets and 3 billion interactions were recorded on social media. Sami Khedira and Miroslav Klose were two of the most searched players of the tournament on Google, especially after Klose became the all time leading scorer in World Cup History.

Of course, there were other events that contributed to such an incredible statistic, not least Neymar’s tragic injury which put him out of the tournament altogether. Overall, it seems the World Cup was embraced by so many from all corners of the world and Google’s statistics along with social media have shown that football really does bring the world together.

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