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SEO for Solicitors

Offering legal services to businesses and the general public is extremely competitive and it can often be difficult to stand out from the crowd. In exactly the same way, marketing your firm of Solicitors on the web is similarly competitive. But there is a way you can stand out.

Engaging the services of a specialist SEO agency who have a deep understanding of the legal profession can really give you the edge when it comes to your practise’s online visibility.

Artemis Internet Marketing are just such an agency.

Marketing UK businesses large and small to the world through the web has been at the core of our business for over ten years and we know what it takes to reach your intended audience and climb the rankings in Google.

Strategic SEO tailored to the requirements of your firm

Whether you’re a local sole practitioner or a large firm established in many locations, understanding the value of strategically managed SEO campaigns can mean the difference between sinking and swimming. Thanks to our market leading approach to all aspects of online marketing, from SEO to PPC management, you can be assured of a first class service that puts you and your precise requirements right at the heart of what we do.

Having a comprehensive understanding of any business is vital to effective SEO and marketing strategy so you need to ensure that when you’re entrusting your brand to someone else, they have the correct knowledge and experience to get you where you need to be.

153% Increase in Search Visibility for George Ide LLP

We’ve worked with numerous law firms across the UK and in international markets too. One of our happy clients is George Ide LLP in Chichester. In the space of a year, from August 2014 through to August 2015, we helped our client achieve a 153% increase in search visibility on Google as shown by the infographic below:

George Ide Graph rise

The significant increase in rankings has resulted in a more targeted flow of traffic to their website. By focusing on their core business and core locations, we have helped our client to not only increase their enquiries but increase the quality of their enquiries too.

Get an expert view of the online marketplace

Having worked with a broad number of legal practices for many years, we understand the marketplace extremely well and we can advise you on the best route to market. Law related keywords are fiercely competitive, so it’s essential to know the competition and the right tactics to use. We can help you to pinpoint opportunities which your competitors may be missing, whilst always keeping the focus on your core services and areas. We’ve helped solicitors increase their online visibility for many of their business areas, including:

  • Personal Injury
  • Employment Law
  • Wills and Probate
  • Divorce and Family Law
  • Commercial & Construction Law
  • Property Conveyancing
  • Boundary & Neighbour Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Tax and Insurance
  • Human Rights
  • Criminal Law

Intelligent SEO without gimmicks or tricks

Don’t risk your trading name by putting it in the hands of those promising a quick fix, using underhand and unnatural tactics to try and artificially boost your rankings short term. At Artemis we understand how to deliver SEO for solicitors utilising our knowledge of how the industry works.

To discuss how we can help your firm achieve better visibility on Google and other search engines, get in touch with us today. Use our online form and we will call you back or call us now on 01444 645018.


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“Artemis were initially engaged to improve our search engine rankings in key areas. As promised they have increased the flow of targeted traffic through the site and increased both enquiries and business. We have now invested in re-designing our website with them as well, Mike and his team have clearly understood the nature of our business and have applied that, maximising our core areas. The site was delivered within agreed times and budgets. We found the budget very competitive, particularly given the time taken to understand our needs. Mike and his team are extremely pro-active and have always been available for queries and to bounce ideas off. No question seems to small or ill-judged. In a tough commercial market like ours we feel Artemis give us an edge.”
Paul Lewis
George Ide Solicitors LLP

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