Based in Sussex, iManage Performance are experts in training courses for remote team management.

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iManage requested that Artemis rebuild their site to reflect their core values as a fun and engaging coaching company. Having witnessed a rapid shift towards flexible working, they wanted to harness the demand for remote training by pushing their remote management courses. Their current website, however, did not prioritise these courses, and this was negatively impacting the growth
of their business.


Artemis proposed a custom-built website fully optimised for desktop and mobile. Using a WordPress framework, we coded a new site with an eye-catching, vibrant design.

We improved the site’s navigation by ensuring that all content sat under a logical, hierarchical URL structure. Within this, we reconfigured the main menu navigation to prioritise their remote learning and management courses. To encourage conversions, we added more contact forms to the website along with clear and specific calls-to-action messaging in strategic locations.


Since the launch of their new website, iManage Performance have experienced a significant growth in their rankings, online presence and leads. Visually, the new website has a professional yet fun feel. The eye-catching design finally reflects their core values as a memorable and impactful coaching company. Technically, the new site has improved search engine visibility, and is fully optimised for Google. By improving the main-menu navigation to prioritise particular courses, we have directed more visitors to book courses on remote learning and management. Consequently, iManage have grown as a business, and continue to expand upon the courses they offer.

5 star testimonial

iManage engaged Artemis to rebuild our website and look after SEO, we have enjoyed the personal and responsive service they have provided. I would readily recommend them to anyone looking to achieve growth and stay current with their online presence.

Bob Bannister | iManage

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