Westway Clinic

The Westway Clinic

Established 20 years ago, The Westway Clinic strives to deliver high-quality healthcare solutions to patients in their local community.

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When the Westway Clinic first approached Artemis, they wanted to modernise their website so that it would better reflect the expertise and professionalism demonstrated by their practitioners.

The current design looked outdated, and the layout was difficult to navigate both on desktop and on mobile. Consequently, the website didn’t showcase the vast range of treatments available to their patients and this was negatively impacting their number of enquiries.

Old Westway Clinic Website
Westway Clinic


During an initial design brief, Artemis outlined a fully bespoke WordPress solution. We coded a brand-new site using a WordPress framework which is fully optimised for both desktop and mobile.

We also created a clear navigation structure to popular therapies, and reconfigured the page layout to encourage conversion rate optimisation. We replaced any out-of-date code to ensure that the site is mobile-friendly with quicker download speeds and improved usability.

Westway Clinic Screenshot


The Westway Clinic’s new website now has a fresher design which is not only more visually appealing, but that is rich with content that showcases the team’s expertise and professionalism. By improving the layout, we have made it easier for users to navigate around the website and locate their desired therapies.

From a technical perspective, the new site loads quicker on mobile, is easier to update and is more Google compliant. The Westway Clinic’s rankings have since improved, the team have received more enquiries, and the website has received lots of positive feedback which will help their businesses move forward.

5 star testimonial

Catherine Helps

The team at Artemis are an absolute delight to work with. Knowledgeable, open and honest and their services including SEO, PPC and Web Design and Hosting are affordable yet powerfully applied by people that not only know what they are doing but care.

Catherine Helps | The Westway Clinic

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