AI overload – GPT-4, Bard, Bing, Claude, Midjourney and so much more


The world is going AI crazy and it’s become quite overwhelming. In March there were over 1,000 new AI tools launched, covering all sorts of real-world applications based on the foundations set up by ChatGPT, which is now using GPT-4. Google launched its much anticipated AI chatbot called Bard, Anthropic launched Claude, Midjourney, the AI image generator launched V5, which creates unbelievably realistic images….and so much more.

The plethora of tools and articles about all of the tools, how to use them, how to benefit from them, it’s all becoming a little too much and too fast. The rate of innovation and adoption has been unprecedented and even Google’s release of Bard hasn’t exactly set the world alight, possibly a little late to the party.

The onslaught of AI tools has also opened up an entire argument as to the ethics behind these tools (they use content found online to generate their responses, yet they mostly don’t credit the sources) and also the fact that they are mostly open to everyone, regardless of age. Italy has been the first country to acknowledge the risks of these AI tools and has banned ChatGPT and similar tools from being used. This is probably just the beginning.

It’s just all happening way too fast but the pace of innovation is unlikely to slow down any time soon. If you feel overwhelmed by it all, you’re not alone. Personally, I’m avoiding a lot of the social media activity around the tools and taking the time to just understand and master a couple of tools and ignoring the others. We can’t slow down the progress of AI tools, but we can control how we choose to consume them.

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