Anticipation for Google I/O conference today


Google I/O is an annual conference where Google reveals its latest news and innovations to the public. Today’s conference is an important one and is being highly anticipated, with many in the SEO community trying to predict what will be announced.

It’s no secret that Google has been caught on the back foot with the onslaught of AI tools that have been released following the success of ChatGPT and Bing launching its own AI chatbot back in February. Google’s subsequent release of Bard, its own chatbot, has received a very lukewarm reception. It felt like it was just too little too late.

But, in today’s conference, it is expected that Google will announce its plans to integrate AI into its search engine and to make search more personal, interactive and well, up to date. This will be big news for all website and business owners as any changes as to how Google handles and displays its search results always impact the amount of traffic that Google sends to websites.

AI is going to be front and centre of today’s conference and we can expect that some major changes are coming, and probably to be launched in the coming weeks and months. We’ve already started seeing some of the possible changes coming to search, but Google is always testing so it’s difficult to know if these changes are permanent or just part of its regular testing schedule.

You can watch the conference live tonight at 6pm (UK time) and this year, I definitely think it’s worth the time.

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