Bing AI Chat access and first thoughts


Over the weekend I finally got access to the new Bing AI Chat and what an impressive thing it really is. I spent several hours on Saturday playing around with it and came away feeling that this is the future, although it’s not quite the now. Let me explain…

I first accessed the internet as a student in 1992. Back then, the concept of “searching” was very new and the number of available websites was very small. As search engines back then were not very good, it also meant that the search results were very poor and lacking. It took a long time after that for the internet and searching in general to become what could essentially be described now as a habit. We automatically just go to Google when we want to know something.

Bing AI Chat is impressive, but it’s a very different way of interacting with a search engine and it will take time to adjust. Understanding how to prompt the AI is very important, and that’s a skill in itself which will need to be developed. With reportedly a million people on the wait list for access to Bing’s AI Chat, it shows that this still has some way to go before it is adopted by the masses.

We are entering a very new and exciting time, but this isn’t going to change search overnight…although it will happen as it becomes more normal. We’re creatures of habit and we’ve become accustomed to searching and trusting the results from search engines. That’s not going to change any time soon…but it will change and evolve eventually.

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