Can you publish too much content?


Does publishing a lot of content every month, or every week or day, classify it as spam? There has often been the misconception that if you publish a huge amount of content, such as several blogs a day, that Google could see this as spam, and it could affect the performance of the website in search. However, Google advocate, John Mueller, stated on Twitter today that it’s fine to publish content on a regular basis, for example, a new blog post every day, as long as you have new and relevant things to talk about.

The important thing is not to force it! Producing new content just for the sake of it will likely lead to the creation of pages with relatively low value. It is best to focus on writing really good, relevant and insightful content, even if it is every day, or even multiple times a day. John clarified that it’s unlikely that Google sees excessive content production as a spam signal within Google.

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