ChatGPT and Google’s future


If there’s been one hot topic in SEO over the last 3 months, it’s the ChatGPT AI tool and the impact it could have on Google’s business model moving forward. ChatGPT has created a lot of buzz around its ability to generate huge amounts of what appears to be relatively well written content on just about any subject matter (as long as it was not related to things that happened in 2022 as it was only trained with information up to 2021). Having a tool that can basically answer just about any question you throw at it, where does this leave a search engine such as Google? Well, the reality is that ChatGPT is not a tool which people will use in its current form on a daily basis, but the potential is obvious.

It will only get better and it will happen very quickly. After Microsoft, a large investor in OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, announced that they would be incorporating ChatGPT into its products and search engine, rumours have now surfaced that Google will preview its own AI chat alternative but probably integrated into Google search. We can expect that Google’s AI will solve the biggest problem that ChatGPT has, which is that it doesn’t know if the text it spews out is correct and it doesn’t cite its sources. We can assume that Google’s version will provide users with a much more reliable and trusted AI chat tool.

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