Focus on the money (terms)


At Artemis we’ve always had one key philosophy and it’s the essence of the messaging on our website…we help our clients make more money. If clients aren’t getting more leads or generating more revenue, then we aren’t doing our job properly.

For that reason, we’ve always focused on the search terms which drive targeted traffic to their websites. We’ve never been about chasing traffic numbers. It’s easy to just get more traffic, but if it’s not targeted and the intent isn’t commericial, isn’t generally quite pointless.

With the relentless arrival of AI directly in the search results, this has now become even more relevant. Whereas many SEO strategies over the years have been focused on increasing traffic through content generation, if this has worked then it’s not likely to work for long. The AI will directly be serving up information in the search results.

The only search terms that will matter are the money terms, such as searches for local services and commercial queries for products. We’re foruntate to have always focused on the money terms, it’s what works now and will work in the future.

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