Google rushing out new AI features and new search engine


Not a day goes past without some new and urgent news related to AI and search. It currently seems that Google is under some pressure to respond to the influx of AI tools, having been caught on the back foot by Bing launching its AI chat feature at the beginning of the year.

A recent article by the New York Times stated that Google now has over 160 engineers, designers and executives working full time on project “Magi”. Magi is an updated version of Google search but incorporating AI answers directly in the search results, offering a much more personalised approached. It seems that this could be launched as soon as May, with internal testing already under way. Initial release will be limited, with a gradual rollout.

As if that wasn’t enough, the article also mentioned that Google is working on a new search engine built on AI. This is intended to be much more conversational and personalised when compared to the existing search engine. This project seems a long way off yet but if anything, it highlights that the future of search is scheduled to change, possibly quite significantly compared to what it is today.

As if that wasn’t enough, news also surfaced that Samsung is looking to change the default search engine on its phones from Google to Bing, possibly because of Bing’s much more integrated AI chat advantage. Being the default search engine brings in billions of dollars in revenue for Google! We wait and see what happens…


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