Google’s AI is coming


Google has been using AI to refine the search results, tackle spam, interpret images, etc, for quite some time now, but the applications for users have been limited. With the serious level of interest and usage that ChatGPT has generated over the last couple of months, has this forced Google into releasing their AI chatbot equivalent sooner than was anticipated?

It would seem so. In yesterday’s Q4 earnings call, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, said that “In the coming weeks and months, we’ll make these language models available, starting with LaMDA, so that people can engage directly with them”. It won’t be long before we see a ChatGPT equivalent in place within Google search, although it’s likely to be a secondary option instead of part of the main search results.

Some initial insider comments seem to suggest that Google may replace the long-standing “I’m feeling lucky” button with a new button to access their chatbot. We will have to wait and see but this is shaping up to be quite the year! Things are moving very fast.

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