Google’s new “Generative AI Search” announced


Yesterday was Google’s much anticipated Google I/O annual conference, and the focus throughout the whole presentation was extensively about the application of AI in Google products. The main area of interest was how Google plans to integrate AI into the search results, what it called a “Generative AI Search Experience”.

What Google revealed was not a complete surprise. We were anticipating that, unlike Bing, Google’s AI chatbot would be fully integrated and front and centre in the search results. It showed how the AI will help users to get a more “helpful” search experience by being able to easily expand on topics, and help users to find products to buy based on Google’s huge Shopping database.

It was interesting to note that there are areas where the AI is less likely to appear, and that’s for critical searches. Generally anything to do with finance and health, what Google calls “YMYL” (your money, your life) pages. It will still prefer to show trusted search results as it does now.

The examples Google showed of its new search in action, were mainly for long queries, the type you’d ask a chatbot. But we will need to see what happens when it’s used for searches to do with local businesses or finding a particular service.

At Artemis we’ve been embracing and adapting to the influence of AI in search for many years, and we’re excited for this next phase and maximising the opportunities for our clients.

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