Google’s view on the use of AI for content


Yesterday Google published a blog post clarifying, to some extent, the use of AI generated content for websites. The short summary of the post is that from Google’s point of view, AI is used in many applications online, such as weather prediction, sports scores and transcripts, so it may be fine to use AI but not if it’s used for the sole purpose of ranking in Google’s search results. It goes on to say that Google has had systems in place for some time now to detect content that is “not helpful” and not unique enough, so it’s up to you if you want to use AI tools to generate content. You just may not get any ranking benefit from it.

I think ultimately, Google is unable to completely rule out AI content in the search results. They use AI in their algorithms so it would be hypocritical if they said that no one should use it at all for their own benefit. What is comes down to is the quality of the content and if it fits in with their E-E-A-T guidelines. Experience, expertise and knowing who’s written the content is going to become very important. There is a great summary of this here. Use AI to help you, but don’t depend on it. Google has been fighting “low quality content” for a long time and it knows what it’s looking for.

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