It pays to be an expert


Do you review products on your website? If so, have you actually reviewed the product or are you just talking about it? Google has been increasing it’s focus in this area with the release of the Product Review Updates. The goal is to demote the websites that are appearing to provide product reviews when in actual fact they are just talking about a product with a view to either generating traffic for it or generating commissions as part of an affiliate program.

It’s not enough now to just talk about a product, you also have to show that you have actually tried it out and tested it properly, so that the review is useful to the user. Google Search Advocate, Alan Kent, stated this week on Twitter that it may be helpful to include links out to more than one product site (affiliate site) to give the user choice and make the review more useful. There is nothing more frustrating than reading an unhelpful product review. Think of the user, what do they need to know, what will help them make a reasoned buying decision?”

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