It’s time to get familiar with GA4


If there is one thing that is putting the fear of dread into SEOs at the moment it’s GA4. GA4 is Google’s new analytics software and it’s very different the old (current) Google Analytics that we are all so familiar with. However, time is running out and as of the 1st of July 2023, Google Analytics will stop receiving and processing data, and GA4 will then become the default analytics tool going forward. Whereas Google Analytics (GA) relies on cookies to track user activity, GA4 is designed to cope with a world where cookies are often disabled, and data is missing from traditional analytics reports because of this.

GA4 receives and processes data quite differently to GA and it uses AI to fill in the missing data as best as it can. It means that the data in reports in GA differ from those in GA4 and the way the software presents them has changed quite considerably. It’s important to really start to use GA4 on a daily basis now before the switchover in July. It’s going to come around very quickly.

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