The fundamentals still count


“It is surprising how the fundamentals of SEO are often overlooked. When we get a new client enquiry and we see that the title tag on their home page says “Home”, we know we can make a big difference to the client’s rankings and traffic by just implementing the very basics of SEO which, today, still make a significant difference. The concept is simple…don’t make Google think too much. If it can clearly understand what product or service a website is offering, and in what location, that’s the minimum requirement for getting SEO on the right path for the growth of the website.

It pains me to see an under-optimised title tag, probably the most important signal for search engines to understand what a page is about. This week, for a new client, just adding the client’s location in the title tag took them from nowhere to first in the search results for their service at a local level. Don’t overlook the basics, they still matter. “

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