SEO – It’s not just about traffic. It’s about conversions


It’s interesting when we speak to new potential clients and we get onto the subject of the usability and conversion set up of their websites. SEO has been traditionally thought of as optimising a website, such as titles, metas and headings and with some off page work in the form of link building. In fact, talking to potential clients we often hear the phrase “I don’t really understand what you do” as they see SEO as some sort of black box and potentially underhand service that they can’t see.

At Artemis we are very open book, and we want our clients to understand what we are doing and why. It’s important that they are invested in the process as it does take time to build up a reputation in order to increase rankings and traffic. However, our initial focus is also very much on usability and website conversions. Making a website generate more leads or sales is a much quicker process than the organic side of SEO, and this can create some early wins, especially if the website is not well set up to convert traffic.

We see CRO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, as an absolutely integral part of SEO. If clients experience an increase in sales without an increase in traffic early on then it starts to justify the investment in SEO and allows the organic side of things to build up over time. Traffic is not a good metric of success as not all traffic has the same value. Our approach is to always focus on targeted traffic whilst simultaneously working to improve conversions across the website. This has the added benefit that as the traffic grows it will convert at a higher rate. That way everyone is happy!

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