Should you use AI generated images for your website?


If you’re a business owner or you run your own website, you may have fallen foul of using an image for which you don’t have the rights to use. This may then have been accompanied by a legal letter demanding a serious amount of money in compensation.

The days of scouring the internet for images, or paying monthly subscriptions to download professional photos, may be well and truly over with the astonishing advancements in image generation AI tools such as Midjourney making them mostly redundant.

But are they safe to use on your website and how will they impact your website in search? Google’s advice on the use of AI for content, doesn’t just apply to written content, but images too. As long as the images are helpful, useful and complement the page, then there is no reason whatsover not to use them. Does an image created in Photoshop have any more value than one created by AI? Not necessarily, they can both be just as good.

For someone like myself with zero artistic ability, AI image generation tools provide a convenient way to add high quality and unique visual elements to the pages of my website. In fact, since I have been using them they have started appearing in the search results. For now Google isn’t seeing them as a negative. And to close off this insight…here’s an AI generated image of a robot making images!

ai robot making images

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