Why Google will still be sending traffic to websites in an AI world


With all the recent advancements in AI, and especially Google’s planned integrated of its chatbot directly in the search results, one of the biggest concerns for any business or website owner is if Google will still end up driving traffic to their websites when search becomes “Generative AI search”.

The short answer is “Yes”. And the reason is very simple. It’s all about the money. In 2022, Google generated a total of $227.47B in advertising revenue, of which $162.54B (71%) was from ads in search (PPC), $32.78B (15%) from ads on third-party sites (Adsense) and $29.24B (13%) from YouTube.

Google can’t just jeopardise any of that revenue. On the contrary, it has to show continuous growth. Paid ads send traffic to websites, the content network displays Google ads (Adsense) and that alone generates billions in revenue for Google. The content network alone generates more revenue than YouTube and it generates a significant amount of its traffic from search.

Website traffic will change, but it’s not going away. It can’t, it’s too valuable for Google.

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