IP Address Questionnaire

Why we need this information

We use filters in Google Analytics to provide reports on your site traffic, performance, conversions, and more. By filtering your IP address, we are able to see accurate data on how customers are interacting with your website. This will exclude your own personal interaction as well as staff usage from the data.

How to find your IP address

Your Public IP Address Is:

Please provide us with your IP address for all regular working spaces; this may include your home, office, or shared office. You will need to conduct the following check at each working space as the IP address will differ.

To find your IP address, go to Google and type in “What is my IP address“. You will then see the IP address of the device you used for your search.

In the form below, please also include the IP address for staff who are regularly interacting with your website when outside of the office.

IP Address Questionnaire

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