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Putting you on the map for local listings and making sure you stand out against your local competitors when your potential customers look for your services or products is a crucial element of online success.

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Local SEO helps to make your business rise in search engine rankings and stand out from the crowd in the results. At Artemis, our team of SEO experts use specialist knowledge and experience to improve your website, attract local customers and gain additional conversions.

With the huge rise in the use of smartphones and tablets, it has never been more important for your website to be correctly optimised. We work to make it easier for prospective clients and customers to find you.

Google understands that a large proportion of searches are location-dependant – if someone is searching for a plumber, they probably want one that is based close to their location. Local SEO makes it easier for Google and other search engines to understand your location and to place you higher in the results when local customers search.

Appearing in local results ensures you will attract genuine customers to your site who are more likely to make enquiries that lead to conversions. Whether you’re a tiny business looking to make a name for yourself or you’re a larger company expanding into a new area, we’ve got the expertise to help you raise your profile.

We are a team of digital marketing and SEO experts, constantly refining and improving our understanding and knowledge in this fast-paced and ever-changing environment. We have worked with clients in almost every industry, from surveyors and solicitors to photographers and therapists, achieving vast improvements in their rankings and helping their businesses succeed.

We provide local SEO as part of a broader online marketing and SEO strategy to ensure that you get the best possible return on investment. We are based in Sussex, but we have experience working with businesses across the country and even outside the UK. If you’re looking for an honest, reliable and professional digital marketing agency, Artemis is here to help you.

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“I confirm that Maltaward have dealt with Artemis Marketing since 2013, during which time they have provided the business with excellent support in the areas of website design, site optimisation, search engine analysis and PPC management. Their work has been a major factor in our website’s success. We can confidently recommend Mike and his team as a solid and reliable business supplier, and experts in their field.”
Jim Treacy
Maltaward (Barriers) Ltd

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If you are interested in working with honest, reliable and professional local SEO experts to increase local traffic to your site and make more money, get in contact with Artemis today. We offer a completely free and informal initial chat about your needs and requirements so we can explain what our local SEO services could do for you.

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