40% Off Our SEO Training Courses

With 2014 slowly but surely sneaking up on us many business owners are preparing their marketing for the New Year.

However here at Artemis we understand that many small businesses simply don’t have the marketing budget for a long term investment in an SEO agency.

Nevertheless they understand that ignorance is not an excuse.  Statistics from 2013 show that 89% of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions and 71% of business purchase decisions are started with a search engine. Statistics like this prove that you can no longer get away with ignoring the power of the internet, as your competitors certainly won’t be.

With the New Year fast approaching our SEO and Social Media e-Learning courses have flown off their symbolic online shelves.

These courses explain in simple jargon free language the systems and processes of SEO and Social Media, and more importantly how to incorporate them into a marketing campaign.

These great video based modules are updated frequently in tandem with Google latest algorithm updates ensuring you’re constantly up to date with the latest tools.

We were initially using them as a tool to educate our clients about what it is we do and try to take away some of the mystery that surrounds the SEO industry. But, because of the huge interest and fantastic feedback we’ve received. As well as the fact we’re not looking to make a huge profit from them, we have been able to cut the price of the individual courses from £249 to £149 alternatively you can now buy both for just £259. Check out the free demo by clicking here.