A revolution in TV advertising as Sky introduce AdSmart

Sky have recently released their AdSmart service that looks to bring specific advertisements to specific households depending on certain variables.


It’s an incredible step forward in broadcasting history as Sky look to take a leaf out of Google’s book by making advertisements that suit a specific audience more accessible.

It could certainly change the face of advertising as we know it today with such a substantial amount of companies relying on our television sets to get their particular campaigns across to us.

Sky have supported the initiative with a wide range of potential benefits that businesses could now experience, from increased exposure for smaller businesses to a major increase in the marketplace.

We could see many businesses who felt TV advertising was beyond them taking to the stage in the near future.

It seems that Sky have noticed just how successful internet advertising has been in the last decade, resulting in a new advertising plan that looks to target people more effectively.

However, this could potentially result in almost an entire population switching their attention to specific advertisements that target their needs, which could be devastating for some of the more generic companies that have already experienced great success from TV advertisement.

On the other hand, many TV marketers have expressed their delight after trying out AdSmart, including Very.co.uk’s Jon Owen who claims to have seen “encouraging initial commercial results”.

With this new approach to advertising being introduced, you have to wonder why it’s taken television so long to catch up with the successes of the internet. Is this the start of a revolution in TV advertising?

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