Artemis Goes Green With the Electric Car Scheme

Artemis Goes GreenAs a part of our ongoing commitment to improving our corporate social responsibility, Artemis is taking part in the Electric Car Scheme.

Artemis has been taking steps to become a more environmentally conscious company, and this is something we are taking very seriously. The Electric Car Scheme offers a fantastic opportunity for us to encourage staff to move to more environmentally-friendly electric cars.

Going green

At Artemis, we recognise the impact that we, as a business, have on the environment. We believe it is the responsibility of companies to do as much as they can to reduce their carbon footprint and make environmentally conscious choices.

We have made a number of changes to do our part. These have included opting for Fairtrade and environmentally-friendly cleaning products for our office, using recycling schemes, going virtually paper-free and more.

Offering our staff electric car leasing as a part of the Electric Car Scheme is the latest step in our efforts to go green. Switching to an electric vehicle saves five tonnes of carbon per year.

How does the Electric Car Scheme work?

The Electric Car Scheme is a salary sacrifice scheme that allows employees to lease any electric car of their choice. The key feature is that fixed monthly payments are taken from the salary before any tax or National Insurance is paid.

This means that the savings on the car can be significant – between 32 and 62% cheaper than a standard electric car lease.

Functionally, the scheme then operates the same as a standard car lease, so the concept is familiar and easy to manage. It is also significant that while this is a company scheme, the vehicle is not considered a company car, and the car can be used for personal or business use.

Next steps

We are always looking for more that we can do more for the environment, and will continue to explore ways that we can make our working environment greener.

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