Brands identify Jelly as latest social networking craze

Brands are always looking for fresh, innovative ways of appealing to their clients by making the most of social media. With social networking apps such as Vine becoming great tools for a better social media campaign, it’s no surprise that yet another app has attracted huge attention from major brands. Jelly, a Q&A application sporting a jellyfish logo, is not your average social networking tool, yet brands are feverishly trying to discover how it can be best used for the purpose of internet marketing.

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The purpose of Jelly is to transfer people’s questions into answers in real time, with answers coming from other members of the public who know the answer rather than an automatically programmed system. It would seem unusual for brands to pursue a Q&A app to distribute their marketing strategies, yet they seem to be regularly making the most of so called “questions” to distribute company offers, deals etc.

What’s more, a lot of people have been put off by the idea of getting answers that can’t be regulated. Who’s to know whether the answers we receive from people are reliable? On top of that, the spamming technique is likely to be used regularly in an attempt to catch people’s attention, though it’s far more likely to frustrate users as they are likely to install the app for informative purposes only.

Interestingly, Jelly doesn’t have a “followers” or “contacts” option, so you won’t be assembling a group of friends with Jelly. This could give brands better access to the wider population. Whilst notifications can be switched off, it becomes very inactive in the process so people are less likely to take this option.  This makes spamming a more realistic possibility than some other social networking opportunities.

It may be far too early to make any predictions regarding Jelly’s potential but if brands are desperate to find other social media avenues, we could be hearing about it a lot more often in the near future, poisonous or not…

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