Content is king!

If you know anything at all about the SEO industry, you have probably heard the phrase ‘Content is king!’ time and time again. But what exactly does this mean, and is this true?

Google is always updating its algorithm, and the recent updates seem to have targeted dodgy linkbuilding campaigns. It is trying to eradicate the all-too-common problem of companies bulk buying cheap, spun articles, often from overseas, and having them spammed out across the internet for quick linkbuilding. Of course, Google recognises that this is not a legitimate technique and penalises sites engaging in these tactics.

Content writer

But even for those sites engaging in linkbuilding the right way, the recent updates have put a strong focus on onsite content. Artemis has always offered content writing as a service, and recently we’ve really emphasised the importance of content to our clients.

The reason content is so important is because it’s what Google will actually match up to people’s searches. A well-written article on a relevant website linking to your own site may help the ranking, but ultimately Google needs to see what your site has to offer if it is going to show it to a searcher. If someone searches for ‘SEO Sussex’, Google will primarily look at the sites mentioning that phrase before considering the links about it.

It is important when you write onsite content that you include your keywords in everything you write. However, they must be weaved in in a natural way, and you can’t bombard your visitors with nonsensical content filled to the brim with keywords. It has to be genuinely informative, useful content that can also be picked up by Google, and that isn’t always easy to do yourself.

At Artemis, our degree educated content writers are producing quality content for clients all day long, so we know exactly what we need to say and how to make it perfectly relevant to your site. We always work closely with the client to make sure we cover everything they want to get across, whilst using our knowledge of SEO to help the search engines match the right searchers to your website.

If you want to get ahead of the game with some quality content, whether that is rewriting what you already have or adding brand new pages to your site, contact Artemis and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.