Creating content for the mobile world: How is it different?

There’s no doubt that the number of internet consumers making the most of their handheld device to search the web is increasing. Overall traffic on many sites has increased dramatically in recent years and that’s largely thanks to the handheld versions that are starting to crop up with all the major online brands.


Mobile web pages differ in many ways to that of a desktop page in order to benefit the user and make accessing content a whole lot easier. Since you aren’t the one who decides how your clients are accessing your site, it would seem logical to cover every possible lead to your web pages.

Mobile users are not the same as your average desktop user which makes them a completely different target audience entirely. They want to see something that works with their handheld device and provides them with all the information they need in a clear and efficient manner.

As always, content that keeps the client interested is always going to come out on top and this continues to be such an important factor for any site success. However, there is no one collection of copy that works with every device that’s out there so tailoring the content is essential and could make all the difference.

A lot of the time mobile users are involved in an active scenario whilst checking their device. This on-the-go attitude to web searching means that content actually needs to become easier to digest and more direct. Successful social networking sites like Vine and Twitter are examples of how content has been crafted to suit the mobile world.

Then there’s the scroll mechanism which is present on most smartphones nowadays that should preferably work vertically to fit the shape of the device. An overload of information is not necessary and you certainly don’t want to keep on-the-go users waiting with significant loading times. All these factors must be considered for your mobile site to be a success.

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