DuckDuckGo strike deal with Apple – Will feature as a default search provider on iOS 8

We’re not too far away from the release of Apples new mobile operating system iOS 8, which has a few new additions including a surprise default search engine.


Remember DuckDuckGo? It was a search engine we blogged about a few months back, bringing to light its user-friendly setup which includes a focus on enhanced user privacy, something Google has been targeted about for some time now.

Well it turns out that DuckDuckGo will feature as one of a select few default search engines in iOS 8, so you can now reap the benefits which include “smarter answers, less clutter and real privacy” according to the search engine itself.

With the latest iPhone instalment being mooted as part of an Apple press conference that takes place a day before the release of iOS 8, there’s a chance many more people will be hooked onto the idea of making DuckDuckGo their default search provider.

DuckDuckGo is still massively out of its depth when it comes to running alongside the likes of Google and Bing but is there any chance it could overhaul its competitors in the future?

As it stands, the main appeal of DuckDuckGo has to be its guarantee of user privacy, especially with online privacy becoming a major story over the last few years. A survey conducted by SearchEngineLand found that over 90% of people were concerned about online privacy.

It’s realistic then to assume that, with the help of iOS 8 and the latest iPhone, DuckDuckGo could gradually push its way towards the top and overhaul a competitor such as Bing entirely.

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