Google Begins Embedding Videos into Search Results

Seemingly from nowhere we suddenly find ourselves confronted by embedded Youtube videos atop our search results for certain queries. It appears at this stage the embedded videos are returned solely for queries relating to music, i.e. music videos for popular songs, but it will be interesting to see whether Google develop this further, perhaps returning instructional videos for more detailed search queries like “what is SEO?” or maybe inserting studio trailers for major motion pictures when searching various film titles.

From a user’s perspective this is a straightforward streamlining of the process of finding and watching an online video, and it further demonstrates Google’s desire to present to you the exact content you’re looking for in the quickest time possible. Much like last year’s Hummingbird algorithm update and the knowledge graph that displays key data about your search query on the right hand side of the search results page it reinforces Google’s dominance as the first port of call for anybody with a question and what’s more it keeps people on Google’s sites for longer. Rather than linking out to authoritative and relevant pages on your chosen search subject, Google wants to get you the precise answer to your question right there and then, without you even needing to leave the search engine (even if it is only to a fellow Google owned site, such as YouTube).

The more data Google gathers about everyone and everything, the less need it has to drive its billions of visitors off the site to seek their answers from anywhere else, and this is the real concern longer term. If Google knows everything, then why would it even need other sites to provide content? If whatever data you’re seeking is instantly found and presented to you without any need to choose from given search results then hasn’t Google ultimately defeated its original purpose? Could Google eat itself?

Try it yourself if you’ve not already. Enter the name of one of your favourite songs into a Google search and see if a full sized embedded video is the first thing to greet you. And if you’re after further information on how this change could affect your business’ rankings, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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