How Pinterest Can Be Used For Link Building

It seems as though every few months, a new social sharing site being cited as ‘the next big thing’ is being launched. It’s a saturated market, and few of these sites have any real staying power. However, a site of this type which has surprised everyone with its success is Pinterest, and the most creative thinkers are taking advantage of the site as a way to boost their link-building opportunities.

Pinterest logo

Pinterest is a site where you ‘pin’ images from the web onto a ‘board’, so you end up with a collection of images from around the globe which you can then choose to annotate and share with friends. Lots of internet marketers have cottoned onto the fact that this is an invaluable tool, but it shouldn’t be used gratuitously. A collection of images won’t necessarily fit into every business’ marketing strategy. A cake shop or an interior designer might find that this is a good way to garner interest in their work, but an insurance company will struggle to find relevant images which people will want to repin onto their own boards.

The best way to find more link building opportunities on Pinterest is to interact with other pinners. It can be difficult to find the time to do this if you’re busy running a business, but the right internet marketing company will know exactly how to find the pinners with the best personal blogs. There is a knack to finding the best blogging opportunities on Pinterest. There is no easy way to search for users by their blog content, so it’s all about targeting the most relevant pins.

Pinning images on Pinterest

If anyone has pinned anything from your website onto one of their boards, you should want to know about it. This is very easy to do. Type into the URL bar, and you will find a list of all the images pinned from your website. This gives you an instant list of people who already know your brand as they have been on your website to find the content, so is an extremely useful list of contacts. If any of these people have an interest in your business, chances are their own blog may well cover relevant topics. Pinterest is a chatty, informal place, so building a relationship with other members is a long, but hopefully worthwhile, process.

Many business owners simply don’t have the time to scour Pinterest for pinners of their content regularly, and certainly not to use it to find relevant blogs for their link building campaigns. However, at Artemis we like to stay on top of all the best platforms to give us the most comprehensive basis for our clients’ marketing campaigns as possible. By the looks of things, Pinterest is here to stay for a while, and if you want to find out more about the latest sites to incorporate into your internet marketing campaign, get in touch with Artemis today so we can tell you more.