How to write better content for landing pages

When a visitor arrives on one of your landing pages, you want to make a brilliant first impression, and the best way to do this is with fantastic written content. Your site content can make the difference between a conversion and a missed opportunity, so it is something you need to take your time over and ensure that you are getting right.

David Wells, Senior Content Writer at Artemis, takes a look at how to write for business websites, and some of the techniques that you can use to improve your landing pages.

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Focus on the benefits

When businesses write content, they can often make the mistake of focusing too much on what makes their products or services great. It’s so common to see landing pages waxing lyrical about the business itself and what makes their products better than the competition – and the fact is, this won’t do anything to impress customers.

Visitors to your site are savvier and smarter than ever before, they have immediate access to all of your competitors, so they already understand the features of the product.

Whether you are selling B2B or B2C, the only thing that your customers really want to know is how your product/service will benefit them.

Your landing page content needs to show them how it is going to make a difference to their lives – focus on the result of using your products, not the theory of what makes it better than your competitors.

Take a look at a great example from swimming pool manufacturers Compass Pools. The unique selling point of the company is the unique material that the pools are made from. But rather than focusing on the material itself, the company sells its pools due to the benefits: cleaner water, energy efficiency, faster installation, and a longer warranty.

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Test how your content performs

The theory is one thing, but how your content actually performs in the real world should be the driving factor in how you write it. Take the example from conversion rate optimisation (CRO) specialists here, who will A/B test pages to find out which is the past effective way to present a product.

To do this you should write two versions of the content – using one for a specified period of time, then switching to the other.

You can then analyse how to different versions of the content perform for your site. Whilst doing this you should look at issues such as how well customers converted on the site, as well as how the content affected your search rankings.

This process should be continuously repeated to help you refine the content and find the most effective option.

Use eye-catching statistics and numbers

It is important that your landing page does a fast job of impressing the reader. One of the best ways to do this with content is to use statistics and numbers that draw the eye. Customers are more persuaded by information that is supported with evidence.

Anyone can make claims on their website, but not everyone has relevant and detailed statistics that they can quote. If you have got numbers that show off the effectiveness of your products or services then you should be using them.

It’s a technique that we use at Artemis on our homepage. We are proudly ranked the no.1 SEO company for small businesses out of more than 1,300 organisations across the UK.

Just saying that we are the best isn’t going influence many, but when we can back it up with statistics from independent review site FreeIndex, it’s much more impressive.

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Don’t be afraid of user-generated content

When many businesses think of user generated content, they think about reviews. And reviews are an extremely important feature for your pages. In fact, statistics released by Moz indicate that 67 per cent of consumers are influenced by customer reviews, which shows just how valuable they are to someone making a decision on whether to buy on your site.

However, there are still websites that are shying away from user generated content – perhaps preferring to retain full control over how products and services are represented.

But this can be a mistake, as it can add a huge amount of value and an outside perspective to your pages.

There are a huge number of ways that customers can contribute content to your website ranging beyond comments and reviews to full-fledged testimonials and case studies.

Keep it simple and straightforward

It is vital that you create content for your landing pages that is going to convert. And when it comes to conversions, nothing is as effective as simplicity.

Customers like to be able to instantly understand products, and online copy necessitates the use of shorter sentences and words; this is especially true when optimising your content for mobile devices.

Take a look at how Apple markets its new iPhone XR – the sentences are extremely short and the concepts are simple.

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At Artemis, we have years of experience in creating exceptional content for businesses to help them increase their web traffic and improve conversion rates. If you are interested in working with us, please get in contact with a member of our friendly team today.