Matt Cutts on Site Size and Whether Or Not It Matters

We’ve heard of a number of aspects of search over the last few months from Matt Cutts that might point us towards the truth when it comes to site rank. Cutts’ most recent focus has been on site size and how that might affect your chances of ranking in Google. So should you be concerned if your site is too small or being overpowered by larger competitors?

Well, it’s good news if you’re currently operating a reasonably small site, as Cutts believes there’s more to the whole site rank thing than simply narrowing it down to traffic and rankings. In fact, a lot of it comes down to a few fundamental aspects of having an effective SEO campaign on the go, including regularly producing new content.

Cutts explained in his answer to the question “Can small sites outrank larger sites?” that there is a popular myth surrounding larger sites and their ability to seamlessly overcome any smaller competitors. Cutts says that by focusing on a particular niche, a website can still effectively stand out from the rest of its competitors whether they’re a tycoon industry or not.

Once again, everything that Matt Cutts seems to say in response to questions about page rank focus on one hugely significant keyword, which is quality. Google are aspiring to find homes for search terms that all but perfectly reflect what the searcher is after. To do this, Google need to concentrate more on sites that provide better content.

If the idea of running a small site still plagues you, there’s no reason why your site can’t obtain a larger status AND simultaneously achieve outstanding traffic. Everyone has to start somewhere, whilst Cutts would argue that a smaller site with high quality content can grow and develop to the point where it ultimately reaches the seemingly unattainable heights of larger competitors.