Most Recent Links on Google Webmaster Tools

The latest news from Google Webmaster tools is the ability to download your latest links. This announcement was made by Matt Cutts from Google via Twitter (@mattcutts) on the 18.07.12, he said “you can now download links from Google *sorted by date*. Nice. Look for Download latest links in console UI. Pass it on “
This latest innovation will allow you to download the latest links discovered by Google’s Webmaster’s Tools by date.
This new facility is a great way to discover of newly acquired links, as well as to find out when Google has discovered them, it is also a good way to discover of any links from poor sites or sites with a bad reputation pointing to your site too, as these links may have an adverse effect.
Link building as we talked before is an essential part of SEO which is why this new tool from Google is a great aid for SEO companies as well as for webmasters. Having this data available will enable webmasters to conduct more thorough and in-depth analysis resulting in achieving better results and being able to identify any problematic links.
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