New season, new approach to SEO

This morning, there was a distinct nip in the air. That can only mean one thing… Autumn is here! And just as the high street changes its approach to marketing for each season, so should the internet. You wouldn’t find a clothing brand trying to sell swimsuits at this time of year if they’ve just got a new batch of winter coats in, would you? Likewise, you should think about whether your website needs some rejigging throughout the year to stay relevant for your users.

Some companies have a natural seasonal fluctuation when it comes to demand. If you run a Christmas tree farm, you will obviously need to push your SEO campaign much harder throughout November and December than through the summer. Likewise, if you run a car hire company, you might find bookings increase in August during the school summer holidays when more families are going away. However, what if you don’t have a natural seasonal pattern but still want to tweak your SEO for the time of year?

Autumn trees

By far the easiest way to keep your site relevant with season-specific content is by regularly updating your blog. A great tip here is to keep an eye on the coming weeks in the calendar to see if there are any key events approaching. If Easter is coming up, could you write a post linking your company with Easter? For example, a florist could write about Easter displays. Or if Christmas is nearby, you could create a gift guide featuring some of your bestselling products.

However, you should also think about the people you want to target. For example, we have clients related to various sporting industries with regular events throughout the year, so we are able to produce content for their sites based on these annual sporting seasons. Anyone who might search for that event may then find your site, which will be useful as they will already be interested in the industry to which you are related.

It’s also about being a bit creative. After Christmas is the time when many people think about cutting their spending, so produce content about saving money and perhaps about your more budget-friendly products and services. Over the summer, parents will be looking for ways to entertain children, so think about anything you offer that might be suitable for families. Even using statistical reports from the news along the lines of ‘January is the worst month for divorce’ can help you subtly change your site content for SEO purposes. Some times of the year will generate more of different types of search than others, and you should be ready for this.

For more ideas about seasonal SEO, contact Artemis and we will be happy to discuss how this could work with your business.