Online Marketing for Driving Instructors

SEO can work well for websites about almost anything, but what we’ve come to realise is that SEO seems to work particularly well for driving instructors. There are lots of reasons for this, and we think it might be why we hear from so many driving instructors looking for a quality digital marketing campaign for their sites.

Firstly, smaller local businesses can gain a lot from a good SEO strategy. This is because driving schools tend to be based in a very defined geographical area, and people who want to learn to drive will want to do it close to where they live. If you live in Brighton, you might be willing to travel to Burgess Hill to learn to drive, but not to East Grinstead. This gives driving instructors the obvious advantage of having people in their area who want to find a service close to their area, so we can target those people with the relevant geographic keywords.

Learning to drive

Secondly, lots of driving instructors, particularly the ‘one man band’ who has set up their business alone, won’t have cottoned on to the potential of the internet for new clients. Lots of instructors rely on word of mouth referrals, but this ignores the fact that there are lots of people who will do their research online for an instructor. If your competitors don’t have a website, or have a website which isn’t optimised for the searches people will make, you will have the advantage as you can relatively easily leapfrog everyone else in the search results just by giving your potential clients some help in finding you when they look for instructors online.

Another thing to remember is that while you might be intimidated by the big national driving schools, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem when it comes to SEO. While they may have the monopoly on general terms like ‘driving schools’, we have seen from our work with our own driving school clients that people certainly do search for driving instructors in their local area. For example, while you might not have the budget to target the entire country, you might be able to set your focus on Wimbledon and the surrounding area, which the national schools are unlikely to have done.

We are always interested in hearing from new clients, so if you’re thinking about taking the plunge and beginning an internet marketing campaign, get in touch with Artemis today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.